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Hall Machine Corporate Headquarters, San Diego

Hall Machine opened for business in 1989. Currently occupying a 12,000 square foot building located in the high tech area of San Diego, Hall Machine offers more than just machined parts.

The team at Hall Machine provide exceptional service that includes the following:

Employees at all levels provide superior workmanship that they are proud to say is theirs.

Best effort is given by all towards completing a job with minimum time for best customer turnaround.

Time is money. Importance is placed on insuring that parts are delivered according to the customer's requirements.
  Support and Teamwork
Provide assistance in all possible areas that help in making the customer's job easier.

Reliance on integrity, strength and ability. Hall Machine maintains a confidential and fiduciary relationship relative to a customer's operation.

Provide superior parts that meet or exceed customer standards.

Corporate Offices
Hall Machine
7775 Arjons Drive
San Diego, CA 92126

Main: (858) 693-3975
Fax: (858) 693-0184

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